Best lifestyle tips

Best lifestyle tips

Blake Goldring is a prolific leader with a lot of achievements in his shoulders. This Canadian business man, entrepreneur, leader and Philanthropist have lifted himself from an ordinary person to a President and CEO of a six decades investment management firm. His contributions for the AGF are phenomenal. He is a man of passion with integrity and dedication in all his ways. His degree in economics and Master of Business Administration has got him a placement in Bank of Montreal. He was working as corporate banking and international banking and had gained a solid profile for him to travel to different heights.

He is a man with passion for his career so he fuelled his passion with hard works through which he has lifted his career from one level to another level. More than moving from one level to another level he is been propelled to top in the hierarchy.

He never let his momentum down and he was working with diligence and integrity. Having a proven experience at BMO, he moved to AGF and joined as analyst. Being an analyst he was widening his abilities and equipped himself in his profile. As he was showing his versatility the management had promoted him to next level. But soon after seeing his phenomenal contribution he was elevated to the top level of the company as President, Chairman and Chief Executive Office of the firm.

Since then has been extending the service of the firm to different institutional and retail investors. Bringing together the funds from the investors to create a pool to enable wider access to the US market is the main objective of AGF. Since from the leadership of blake goldring the firm is seeing phenomenal growth with the number of investors who trust in the services rendered by AGF has been increased.

Currently he is serving as Chairman and CEO of AGF and also he has founded a non-partisan organization called as Many Ways to Serve. The objective of this organization is to provide support for the Canadian Military families and Military by gathering the community leaders for their valuable contribution.