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As we know that many pirated sites for movies streaming are not legal and safe. And they always were focused by many law agencies all around the world. The MPPA had already cleared that this site is visited by more then 98+ million people, which is a huge number to entertain by these kind of pirated website. One of the well known streaming website is 123 movies that have recently announced the setting down the shop because of increasing pressure from law agencies.

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Saying good bye with a great message

Due to his they are updating a note for goodbye on their website and they were conveying the message that “we should respect the filmmaker and we should pay for movies as well as TV show”. This kind of legal issue were raised since long but 123 movies were still there, suddenly what happened it is a mystery for everyone. But if we see this case as a legal point of view, there were lot of pressure from law authority and it had to stop. Although behind settle down, 123 movies come again as “” for providing free movies streaming.

Reason behind the setting down

Main reason was legal issue related to this site. Basically, it were providing free video streaming as well as download feature but one thing should be noted, when a film produced it requires a huge amount of money. And when it uploaded to the web it is definitely there for making money but if a pirated site come in between and provide movies for free on their site. So whole money will go to that pirated site because more and number of people visit the website and the main movie maker has nothing in their hand.


Within few years this streaming site has became dominant in the piracy world with 98+ million users. MPAA have declared it as one of the most notorious streaming site of the world. But the pressure from law authority all around the world has won over the pirated site mogul. Although it confirm their settle down but still there are many free streaming site online which will provide the free video stream illegally and law authority have to take some strict decision because it is harmful for the film industry.