Best lifestyle tips

Best lifestyle tips

In recent years, the advent of social media has witnessed a corresponding increase in people’s visibility. Each and every minute aspect of people’s lives are scrutinized and analyzed. This has led to people becoming increasingly conscious of how they look and are perceived. This self-consciousness is amplified several times over when it comes to their bodies, especially so in the case of bodybuilders and professional athletes. They make use of several innovative and new methods to give themselves a competitive edge. One of the most prominent and effective new tools is detox.

Detoxification is a multi-step process, namely

  • Removal of wastes and toxins from the body: – It is akin to the ‘Refresh’ button of our entire body being clicked. Our colon is cleansed initially, using either laxatives or hydrotherapy. Once all the wastes in or body have been removed, the toxins present in our system are then targeted. Extensive research done over the years has helped us identify several herbs, such as parsley and dandelion, which are adept at removing toxins from all our vital organs. The sheer amount of toxins accumulated in our body over vast amounts of time requires 2 to 3 days to be completely eliminated.
  • Reducing exposure to toxins: – Further exposure to toxins undoes all the good work of the detox The surroundings of the person needs to be analyzed to ensure that he does not come into contact with any harmful toxins. Be careful around everyday items of chemical origin and minimize exposure to them. Paints, cleaners, detergents etc. are a hazard as toxins can seep in through the skin.

  • Maintaining nutrition during the process to minimize side effects: – During the detox process, invariably, several essential nutrients also get flushed out. These need to be replenished in order to prevent muscle loss and reduce discomfort. The person’s diet should consist exclusively of organic and unprocessed items. Carbohydrates and proteins from clean and chemically untainted sources should be included in the diet, only after getting the approval of a certified nutritionist. As far as possible, avoid protein shakes and other supplementation during the entire process, and stick to clean protein sources.

For bodybuilders, ensuring that their systems are squeaky clean is of paramount importance. Any deterrent to optimum performance needs to be identified and eliminated immediately. Hence the detox process is vital to an athlete’s well-being and consistent performance. But it should only be done under strict supervision by trained professionals.