Best lifestyle tips

Best lifestyle tips

Many people, in the passion to lose weight within short span of time tend to choose the unsafe products in market. This is because they get easily attracted to the promotions and other advertisements done in online. These people also fail to undergo analysis before attempting on a product. Because of this carelessness they tend to suffer from the problems of side effects. This article is all about such unsafe product which is used by many people for slimming results. Even though this product doesn’t exhibit great results, their side effects are considered to be severe. People, who are about to attempt on any new product in the market, can consider the following discussion.


This is one of the highly advertised slimming products in TV and in internet. The advertisers state that the product exhibits effective slimming result by suppressing the hunger. It is also being advertised that this product can yield results without consuming more time. Because of their effective advertising, people tend to intake this product without any constraint. There are many people who are suffering from various problems because of taking this product for their weight loss. Some of the side effects caused because of this product are discussed as follows.

Side effects

Even though the manufacturers advertise that this product is free from side effects, practically their side effects are considered to be endless. When this product is subjected to clinical tests, many shocking facts about this product have been revealed. The first and foremost thing is the side effects are more because of the unsafe ingredients used in this product. This product is highly rich in iodine. Obviously iodine will increase the production of thyroid hormone to a greater extent. Obviously excess thyroid secretion will lead to severe medical issues.

Because of the high iodine content, the victims will also suffer from the problems like vomiting, restlessness, hyper tension and many. In some cases, the skin rashes will also be pointed out. It is also proven that using this product for a longer time leads to the problem like thyroid inflammation, grave’s disease and many. Hence people who are taking gracia and the people who are planning to attempt on this product can give up immediately without any constraint. Instead of wasting time over this unsafe product they can prefer to choose some other healthy diet supplement available in the market.