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In most countries and states, drug testing has become an industry standard, which means that most tests will check levels of THC inside your body.

Even though some states have made recreational use of weed legal and medicinal marijuana became commonly used, employers are still checking for it,and if they find traces of THC metabolites in your body, they will consider the test failed.

That is the main reason why people are trying to cheat tests, in case that they do not have enough time to cleanse themselves or to use a wide array of products and supplements that will help them avoid attention and being positive for certain drugs.

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THC Detection Times

  • One Time User – You will need between five and eight days to cleanse yourself thoroughly.
  • Two to four times a month – You will need between two and three weeks to pass a drug test.
  • Two to four times per week – You will need up to 35 days so that you can reduce the amount to bellow detection rate.
  • Five to six times a week – You will need at least a month and even more based on the strain you consumed and levels of THC it features.
  • Daily usage – You will need between two and three months to cleanse yourself completely, but you have to abstain throughout this particular period.


Types of Drug Tests That Will Detect THC

Before we start talking on what should you do to pass a drug test, you should have in mind and learn more about different types of drug tests and how they function. In all cases, it will include testing for weed, and it could be performed on quick notice and random, as well as for pre-employment purposes.

  1. Saliva Drug Test

This particular type of drug tests is one of the simplest and easiest to conduct,and it will provide you result on short-term drug usage. It is popular due to its least invasive method,and it can give the sense whether you consumed something in the last 24 hours before the test.

Even though it is simple to administer and to gain results, it could be inaccurate,and it has a short detection window when compared with other tests. The combination of this particular test with urinalysis will allow your employer to determine both short-term and long-term drug abuse.

Thisis conducted by inserting a small cotton swab or brush between the lower cheek and gums of the applicant. The swab will be moved under the tongue and gums for a few minutes so that it can collect saliva from all areas within the mouth.

As soon as you finish, the swab will be placed in a test tube for a few minutes and in case that liquid changes color, it means that you are positive. The best thing about this particular test is that weed will be detectable in saliva for three days or 72 hours.

Of course, everything depends on various factors such as metabolic rate, weight, height and frequency of usage. Therefore, if you are using once on a monthly basis, you will be able to cleanse your saliva in 12 hours after consumption.

  • How To Pass Saliva Drug Test – Two methods will help you pass this particular test, and it depends on the amount of time you have to prepare yourself thoroughly. You should start with some cleansing method that will decrease the ability to be There are many products in the form of mouthwash and bubblegum that will clear out toxins from your mouth in a shortperiod. On the other hand, you can use the natural cleansing method, which requires from you to abstain from smoking for a few days and to increase chances of passing you should exercise and hydrate yourself regularly.
  1. Urine Drug Test 

The most common way of testing for illegal, substances such as weed are through urinalysis. Even though you will not be able to perform it on short notice similarly as a saliva drug test, it is simple to administer,and you have to take a urine sample in a laboratory.

However, the detection time is much longer,andthe cleansing process has to be thorough. A procedure for this particular requires the employer to schedule an appointment in a laboratory or clinic. As soon as you arrive, you will get a container to collect a urine sample.

Since this is the test that features numerous ways of tampering with, sometimes you will be monitored so that employer can ensure authenticity. Within a few days, you will get the results.

Everything depends on the level of control you will get, but have in mind that urine test can detect marijuana use up to three months of last consumption, depending on the frequency of usage and potency of strains that you consumed.

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How to Pass Urine Drug Test

Since this is the most common type for drug testing, you can find a wide array of methods that will help you pass it. The way you choose depends on the time period that you have before the test, and the more time you have, the chances are better that you will succeed.

  • Synthetic Urine – This is the preferred method if you wish to pass on short notice and get a high rate of success. You can find it both online and in mortar stores from different brands. It is vital to understand that you have to make the right temperature of synthetic urine because the cold sample will be a tip that you tampered with, since the urine that you administer will be warm.

Natural Detox – Similarly as saliva test, the first thing that you should do is avoiding consuming cannabis and adds a few things that will speed up the cleansing process. Have in mind that THC stays in urine for a long time, but you can start working out and drinking many fluids so that you can reduce the amount of THC in a timely manner.