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Best lifestyle tips

Probably many people who have just started to meditate have many doubts from sitting position to controlling thoughts. At the end of the meditation nothing matters, if you feel better, you are probably doing it correctly.

Is it hard to meditate?

The answer is no! Of course it’s not really hard. Don’t expect to be perfect when you are trying for the first time, it is okay to be wrong. Once you have started to meditate, it will be very difficult for you to control all thoughts running in your mind. Mostly many people have experienced this struggle. The thing you have to do is, not to fight with the thoughts, try to accept it as a part of meditation and calm down slowly. There is nothing you have to do to calm down your thoughts the only thing you have to do is to meditate daily.

Position that you body be in for meditation:

Things you should be concerned about while meditating.

The position is up to you, select the place where you are comfortable enough to do meditation. Some people used to meditate while walking. You can sit anywhere or even stand. The choice is yours.

The way how should you breath while meditation?

Inhale and exhale slowly. This will help the air to reach the lungs. It may be difficult for the first time. This slow breathing is very relaxing. If you are practicing yoga then you are familiar with this type of breathing. This is the natural way how children breaths. If you yawn while meditating don’t try to control it. It is very natural while you are relaxing yourself.

Is it necessary to close your eyes?

It is better to close, because while opening your eyes it may get dry and you are supposed to blink it often so it is better to close eyes and it helps to concentrate and focus properly.

You can get many tips about how to lead a guided meditation online. Once you are expert in meditation then you have power to control your thoughts.  This is one of the magic for your success.