Best lifestyle tips

Best lifestyle tips

Vitamin D is one of the most important nutrients needed for the body. It is more essential in order to absorb calcium in the food; so that the bone health will get promoted to a greater extent. In case, if the vitamin D is low in the body, the bones will become weak and the children will get exposed to problems like rickets. In adults the lack of vitamin D will result in osteomalacia. Hence in order to lead a healthy lifestyle one must consume the foods that are rich in these vitamins. The foods that are enriched with vitamin D are listed below.


It is to be remembered that the fishes are the wonderful source of vitamin D. Especially the fishes with high oil content are enriched with abundant sources of vitamin D. Apart from this, by taking fishes in the routine diet, one can also enjoy the benefits of calcium, phosphorus and protein. The fishes that are rich in these vitamins include tuna, salmon and mackerel. Especially 100 grams of salmon can provide about 91% of vitamin needed by the body.

Cod liver oil


The cod liver oil can be considered as the supplement through which one can easily increase the source of vitamin D in their body. This oil is obtained from the cod fish and holds several other health benefits.


This is one of the commonly available foods which can be used for increasing vitamin D content in the body. Especially the egg yolk is a better source of vitamin D. Hence people who have vitamin D deficiency can intake an egg every day.

Orange juice

People who want to start their day with a healthy drink can prefer to intake orange juice. The researchers have stated that one serving of this juice is capable of providing 100IU of vitamin D. hence taking orange juice will be the wisest choice for increasing vitamin D in the body.

People who are unable to take the vitamin D rich diet can prefer to take the supplements. Dekristol will be the right choice to increase Vitamin D content in the body without any side effects.