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Best lifestyle tips

For a good vaping experience, you need to render utmost concentration to ensure two things perfect on spot. The first thing is the hardware of your e-cigarette and the second one is the quality of the e-liquid that you are using. Maintaining your e-ciggy’s hardware won’t be a problem as long you possess a good deal of knowledge on various types of the hardware components available for the vaping device you are using. On the other hand, you need to be a bit careful about your e-liquid. Just because you paid high doesn’t ensure that you have got the premium quality e-liquid. Even cheap –e- liquids can prove best compared to the premium ones. Remember that getting high priced e-liquid doesn’t ascertain a great vaping session.

3 cases when you can have a bad vaping experience and solutions to get rid of them

When you are willing to enjoy a good vaping session, what all you need to address is the problem associated with the quality of the vaping liquid. Well even if you get good quality vaping liquid, over the time there are high chances for its taste to detoriate. This eventually tastes bitter or burnt. But this is not all. There are numerous other reasons leading to this burnt taste. Take the look at the possible reasons leading to such a scenario.


  1. Your E-liquid possesses a poor shelf life: When you are purchasing perishables like e-liquids, one thing you need to take into concern is the product’s longevity. You should treat your e-liquid in a manner similar to your beverages but that doesn’t mean taking in the whole of the bottle. Check for expected date of expiry before you end up purchasing your e-liquid. Those expiring within a short duration will develop a nasty burnt smell. So avoid them.
  2. Your unit i.e. E-ciggy and battery might not have been warmed properly: there are electronic cigarettes which run specifically on those manual batteries. In case you are using such a type, you need to hold the button down prior to taking in a puff. Forgetting to do the same will lead you to experience a burnt taste. Holding down the button warms up the unit but if you are still experiencing the burnt taste, then you are surely running out of your e-liquid. Get your favorite flavored cheap e liquid to restore the taste.
  3. Defective Cartomizer: Defective cartomizer possess higher chances of ruining your vaping experience. Few of those most impressive and trendy e-cigarettes have a chance of coming with low standard cartomizers. It is the presence of such type of cartomizer that end up making the liquid taste bitter and burnt. Such cases happen due to the filler material undergoing damage (partially or completely). So do not overfill the tank with your e-liquid or else be ready to experience a burnt taste.

Final say

Adhering to these solutions during the arousal of the above mentioned situations can help you to avoid ending up with a bad vaping experience.