Best lifestyle tips

Best lifestyle tips

The downlights are fixed at the ceiling. It losses heat that’s why there will be a genuine chance of fire. At first our home needs the insulation process. The ceiling will have a fire rating materials depending on the rate of the spread of fires. A fire rated downlights have special material which is expanded and cut off due to heat loss. This slows the fire at once to save anything damage.

We use the Dimmable downlights as our bathroom downlights. IP55 and IP65 are used for bathroom downlights.


Fire rated downlights protect people on the floors. It slows down the fire making escape easier and reduce the risk of harming people. Bathroom downlights are used for relaxed ambience. It’s brightening power depends on the people requirement.


LED Downlights

Fire related downlights show a time rated signal. It might be thirty, sixty and ninety seconds. Before the fire continues to spread, this signal gives a time to alert and escape from there. Mainly 90 seconds time is set up for this purpose.

Benefits Of LED Bathroom Lights:

LED bathroom lights are suitable option to business owners as  well as home owners. These benefits are:

  • These lights are very stylish and discrete.
  • It’s marketing price is less the halogen bulbs.
  • We frequently get it of all shapes and sizes i.e. it is available in the market.
  • It consumes little power . For this we save our energy.
  • We can choose this lights depending on our mood.


Safety is the main priority in our life. If people want to upgrade their lightening decoration, they should choice the fire rated downlights. We can decorate our bedroom, bathrooms, kitchen with stylish downlights. But always remember that safety is very necessary than the lookings.