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Group health insurance provides supplemental coverage that ensures the better maintenance of the physical, mental and financial wellbeing of a company’s employees and their family. The fact that the benefits of group insurance extend both ways, it is reassuring to both the employee and employer. In the state of Virginia, there are several insurance firms choose from when an employer opts for the best group health insurance virginia package.

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We will take a closer look at how group insurance can benefit employees and employers


  • Health coverage without evidence of insurability – Employees get the basic health coverage that sometimes even extends to their families.
  • Lower costs – The premium for group insurance per individual is lower compared to an individual policy. This along with lower medical expenses is of great help to employees
  • Hassle-free treatment – The employee doesn’t have to search for an insurance plan by themselves. Treatment in hospitals that are part of the insurer network is also easy including cashless payment, less paperwork, maternity benefits etc.
  • No medical checkup – Employees with medical insurance are seldom required to undergo medical checkup. Even pre-existing illness is covered under the policy.
  • No waiting period – The concept of waiting period is non-existent for group health insurance policies. This means that ailments like heart disease and diabetes are covered from day 1 itself. With diseases like diabetes become more common than ever, this is of great benefit to employees and their families.


  • More motivated employees – Knowing that their physical and mental well-being is secure is a source of motivation for employees. Medical insurance is considered an added benefit, and so insurance against high hospitalization costs is a morale booster.
  • Protections of investment – Employees are an investment as far as any employer is concerned. Protecting them against illness is therefore certainly an advantage for any company.
  • Higher productivity – If employees are covered for their medical bills, it can lead to a reduction in absenteeism and thereby increase productivity of the company.

Tax benefits – Employers get tax benefits on group health insurance. To see the tax benefits available in Virginia, Google group health insurance virginia.