Best lifestyle tips

Best lifestyle tips

Being an artist, actors today have also secured many accolades for themselves. Everyone aspires to become a celebritybut only few are able to do so. To hold the camera with your eyes, to deliver a perfect spellbound performance each time you perform, to give your best at every take is what makes one a renowned established and popular celebrity.

If you look at celebrities in today`s generation, they have become “opium for the masses”. Not only do they command heavy aura and charm among the people but their single presence`s in concerts also bring in huge bucks for the people. This is because various big brands are ready to shed huge bucks on these celebrities.


Madonna; the richest celebrity

Madonna, undoubtedly is the richest celebrity on planet earth. The celebrity net worth Is around 910 million dollars annually A musician and performer by profession at the age of 58, Madonna is the highest and the richest paid celebrity in the world today. She has a career spanning over 3 decades in the entertainment industry and it has rendered her huge laurels.

She is a seven time Grammy Award winner. Her last show or the 10th show got a whooping amount of 120 million 10year contract with Live Nations Entertainment. Being the highest paid solo artist paid in the history of the entertainment industry, Madonna has a combined ticket sales topping up to 1.3 billion.

The current “queen of pop” has sold more than 300 million albums. Her very first “BILL Board album “
Like Virgin” which came out in the year 1984 shot her career to super stardom and it was the first stance of her tasting glorious success. In the year 1992, in partnership with warner brothers, she co- founded Maverick Records. She signed a 60 million multi album contract with the company.

Her magic worked here also and Maverick brought in a total of 100 million profit, by the end of 2004.  The company went on to produce great albums with Madonna raking in high income. Currently, she is also the founder of a teenage fashionable line called as Material Girl and a very high end chain system known as Hard Candy Fitness.