Best lifestyle tips

Best lifestyle tips

Fans of Hollywood movies nowadays are eager to find out personal and professional details of their favourite actors and actresses. For example, they seek the richest actors in Hollywood and wish to share such details with their beloved friends. The following details explain you about the celebrity net worth in the Hollywood sector and encourage you keep in touch with the latest news in this genre.

Jerry Seinfeld 

Jerry Seinfeld is one of the most successful comedians and writers in the Hollywood. He is well-known for his show Seinfeld. There are nine sessions in this show. Reruns make his recognition improved further. Jerry Seinfeld has created so many shows such as The Marriage Ref and Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. He was paid $10 million by Microsoft for ads in 2008.  The current network of Jerry Seinfeld is $820 million.


Tom Cruise  

Tom Cruise is a successful action star in Hollywood. The most famous movies of Tom Cruise are Mission: Impossible, Top Gun and Jerry Maguire. He excels in his new action movies regardless of how he has been slowing down on creating movies. He gets the highest possible recognition for his own crazy stunts. He was paid $290 million for the Mission Impossible saga. The present net worth of Tom Cruise is $480 million.

Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp is a long time partner of Tim Burton. He played the leading role in many of his movies like the Alice in the Wonderland, Sweeny Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street and Edward Scissorhands.  This celebrity net worth in our time is $450 million. Johnny Depp was paid $185 million for the movie Pirates of the Caribbean. He earns ever-increasing money due to his hard work. He has three Oscar nominations.

Tyler Perry

Tyler Perry is a producer, writer, director and actor. He entered into the career from being homeless and succeeds in the Hollywood as planned. Successful Madea movies and TV series like If Loving You Is Wrong, For Better or Worse and other things make Tyler Perry very popular. The bank account of this actor does not fail to attract other successful actors due to his $450 million net worth.