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Recommended product for infant and kid

Kids have their own taste about their footwear. Most of them like to have a catchy shoe with unique logo, colorful design, and a comfort usage. Shoe design for infant specially made with extra comfort to prevent an irritation in their feet and also ensure their feet could breathe easily. One of the favorite and best buy products for infant footwear is Converse First Star. These infant shoes are available in various colors such as pink, black, white, red, and navy.

Next best buy product is a cute infant booties, which is designed to make your baby more stylish. This booties series is available in black, white, and navy. The size in West Brothers online store is suitable for a new baby born up to 6 months. It is made from special materials to make your baby feel comfortable, and keep them warm along the day.


The high cut style is available in black/white edition, optic white and black monochrome. Unique star logo right on your ankle position is really cool to show that you are a star. This shoe is not only to protect your feet but also make you proud when you wear it. You can use it at school, shopping in the mall, in a vacation trip, or in a basketball game.

The durability of bottom sole is not to be questioned since it is made from vulcanized rubber in a high quality process to ensure it could support your body load upon it. It has two holes in the shoe body to give the extra air flow into the shoe. The upper material made from number one textile fabrics to keep your feet easy to move along the game. Famous basketball player usually wear this shoe during the game so does this shoe make a remarkable record and worthy to have in your shoe rack.