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Best lifestyle tips

Samsung is one of the leaders in the smart phone today, they might have some hiccups when the note 7 came out but it didn’t stop people from buying their products still. For Android users, getting a Samsung device was a no brainer. It was and still the popular smart phone of choice, they are the most popular smart phone company that carries android and if wanted a good “Apple killer” device this was the choice.

Packed with features: Samsung with the Android platform has never been short with features in both software and hardware. If Apply made their iPhones to be simplified, Samsung devices are the exact opposite. Packed with features, and always been the brand that squeezes every single feature in one beautiful device.

Beautiful display: Their Amoled Display hasn’t stopped making people be amazed every time they release a new flagship, it’s even rumored that Apple will use this technology for their latest iPhone. The Super Amoled Display gives you the most beautiful and brightest display there is. People always compared the Super Amoled versus Apple’s retina display; I guess now we know who won.

Samsung in 2017 phones

Beautiful design: If at face value Samsung devices were ugly, no one would buy it, There are a lot of beautiful phones out there phone other smart phone manufacturers like Huawei, Motorola, and HTC. Their design was always beautiful both inside and out. Even when everyone was swimming with the current going the same design as an iPhone, they always defined their brand with designs that are beautiful and not something that was based and chipped from an iPhone.

Big screen: The Galaxy Note was very revolutionary when phones were 4 – 4.5 inches, Samsung gambled with the bigger screen like the Samsung Note, people thought the big display was ridiculous, but even Apply made their “plus” line to keep up with the people that want’s a bigger screen. It’s even safe to say that Samsung helped revolutionized this trend.

With the release of the latest Samsung smartphones like the J series, the A series and S8 it still surely turns heads and will be another iPhone killer that brings out the best of the Android platform. They might have had a wrong execution with the Note 7 but with the S8 that has been released for almost 2 months now with a stunning display and revolutionary design it surely captured back the hearts and minds of the loyal Samsung users and even people that never tried Samsung before.