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Best lifestyle tips

Kickboxing (also known as kickboxing) is a martial art in which batting with feet and hands as in martial arts karate and taekwondo is combined with conventional boxing. Kickboxing for ladies singaporeis very easy with Gotrainer.

What are the benefits of kickboxing for me?

Kickboxing not only trains your physical fitness, but rather exercises the entire body, trains coordination, strength, speed, flexibility and endurance. Kickboxing also helps reduce stress, promotes discipline, respect and self-confidence.

Who can learn kickboxing?

kickboxing for ladies singapore

Everyone! No matter if you are a woman or a man, young or old, everyone can really learn kickboxing. There is no restriction, you do not have to be very agile or strong. All you have to do is learn, that’s really all! Women can easily learn kickboxing. Contact with Gotrainer for kickboxing for ladies singapore.

Kickboxing from a sports medicine point of view

All major physical forms of exercise are trained (stamina, strength, speed, agility, agility, coordination) while strictly avoiding one-sided stress. There is a holistic training with the complete range of movement of all body sections in all directions of the room, which in particular also chronic damage to the musculoskeletal system is effectively prevented. Supportive is the extensive budo gymnastics and posture training to bear, which are a must in every training session. These positive effects of kickboxing have a positive effect on physical fitness as well as on the psyche and general well-being.

Contact Gotrainer for kickboxing

In this modern age, women need to be ready for all kinds of situation especially when it comes to self-defense. Kickboxing will enable women to defend themselves at night or any other kind of bad situations. Gotrainerprovides professional trainers for women to learn kickboxing. Contact with Gotrainer today at (65) 9066 4730 for more details.