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One of the things that makes football so popular is that it gives the viewers and fans a sense of thrill and suspense when watching the teams play, especially live, and when something’s on the line. This is why football has grown significantly in popularity over the years, gaining millions and millions of fans that show their support for their favourite teams in any way they can. These fans are some of the most passionate fans in any competitive sport, and it shows too.

Football leagues, particularly the Bundesliga, hold matches quite often and you, the avid fan, are looking for something to keep you posted for such events as well as a way to keep you updated. Well, look no further since there are good hearted app developers out there who are probably fans as well, like you, who have developed an app, the Live Football Bundesliga, to give you what you need, new and exciting news about bundesliga live and in the palm of your hands.

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Can’t make it to a game?

So there’s this big game coming up between two of your favourite teams in the league and you’re dying to go watch it live at the stadium, you have even bought tickets to the game already but suddenly something very important has come up and you can’t make it to the game, you can’t even have the consolation of watching it live on television. Your best bet to keep you updated is your friends who are at the stadium watching it but the can be unreliable sometimes, especially during this game.

Who do you turn to for updates of the game? Live Football Bundesliga, of course. This app updates you on all that you need to know about what’s happening during the game, with its comprehensive live ticker that gives you real time updates on the plays, scores, referee calls and violations of each team and players. This gives you the feeling that you aren’t missing out on all the action.

All day, every day.

Once you get to download this app, you will receive all the latest news about the league, the teams and the players, daily. This way, there’s something to keep you in the loop whenever there is new and juicy news. Not only that, you can get to see all the stats of past matches of all the teams this season. As well as the current standing of each team and their future matches. With this app, you’ll never get left in the dark.

Ideal for betting

This app has a lot of features in it aside from the live ticker; this is why the app is also an ideal tool for fans who like to bet on the game. Several features can be used to sort of predict how the game will go and thus helping the better choose where to place his or her bets.

Overall, this app is a must have app for any Bundesliga fan. With all its functions and features, no wonder it is rated as one of the best football apps there is. Probably one of the most significant parts of this app is that it’s free to download, yes fellow fans, it’s free to download on the Google play store and is compatible with any supported android device (ver. 4.0.3 and later). Whether you download it on your phone or tablet, you won’t get to miss any exciting detail about the league.