Best lifestyle tips

Best lifestyle tips

SoundCloud can make your track go famous, or it could simply bury it amongst the millions that are uploaded every day. SoundCloud is like a social media platform where you have to promote yourself in order to become visible. You don’t have to produce just great music, you have to make people know that your music exists. This can only be done if you get enough SoundCloud followers.

Tips for getting followers

1- Become a regular

Making great music is part of the whole deal. If you want people to like you, you must have what it takes for people to do so. Creating music once in a blue moon won’t get you noticed. You need to do it often and do it regularly.

2- Creating a network

Show interest in other people’s work and genuinely. This means, liking their work, report it, comment on it and discuss it. This will definitely get people to follow you back. Get in touch with them and recommend them. If you can do this with a number of people every week, your following will grow.

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3- Other communities

Don’t just stick to SoundCloud. Instead use other popular communities like facebook, twitter, google plus and forums to popularize your music. Give links back to your SoundCloud and watch your SoundCloud followers grow.

4- Tag it

tags are a wonderful feature almost available on all social media. Make sure to use appropriate and popular tags. Use the name of genres, similar record labels, or similar songs to tag your track. This will give your track more visibility.

5- Interact

Don’t sit there dormant waiting for someone to comment on your work. Interact with others. Leave comments on their tracks. You should also respond to every comment on your own track. This will get people interested in you. Even though simple “great work” also works well, it is better to write elaborate comments to get people to notice you.

6- Consider collaborations

You might never have done it, but you could try collaborating with someone whose work is already highly rated. This collaboration will get you increased visibility as well. It will also help hone your skills and develop better tracks in the future.

You can also use apps like Soundcloudhelper to get you more followers.