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A lie detection test can be a challenge for those undergoing it, especially the first time. While a lie detector can’t actually tell whether you are lying or not, it can record the change in your behavior when you lie hence helping the lie detecting professional to determine your truthfulness.

When you have to undergo a lie detection, you won’t be steered directly to the lie detector test. Instead, there is a process that is followed. It would help to know the exact process of lie detection so let’s take a look at this procedure.

The process of undergoing the test is known as “going on the box.”

Stage 1- Pretest

This is a kind of interview that you have to make with the examiner. It typically takes about an hour in which you two will learn about each other. The examiner will collect information about your side of the story and record them accordingly.

lie detector test

Stage 2- Design Questions

In this part, the examiner frames the questions he would ask you during the lie detector test.

Stage 3- In-test

Now, you are going to undergo the examination. During this, wires are attached all over you that connects to the detection machine that records your physiological responses.

Depending on the situation, the examiner asks a list of questions, only about 40% of which is directly related to the issue. The rest of the questions are called control questions which are general and mostly asked to record the type of response the examiner wants or might anticipate.

Stage 4- Post-test

In this phase, the examiner examines the data that he has recorded from the physiological responses made by you. This is the reading of the data to conclude whether you have been deceptive or not. A large amount of irregularity in the response you demonstrate can mean you have been lying.

It is possible that False positive or False negative results may be concluded. However, with a good professional, that is rarely the case. So if you are deciding to use a lie detector test, make sure you choose a reputable and reliable lie detecting agency to get your results.